Picture being in a band and playing a cover of one of 3 Doors Down's hits to a sweaty and packed club of rowdy rock fans. Now picture being in that same band, but being in the studio eye-to-eye with 3 Door Down's guitarist producing an album of your original music. For Minneapolis, MN's modern rock band Strange Daze that fairy tale has come true—only it took a a little bit of time. On November 12th, Strange Daze releases, Shine Through (Rock Ridge Music), an anthemic album of modern rock forged in fiery emotional urgency.

Strange Daze has gigged extensively throughout Minnesota and the Midwest, averaging 100-plus shows a year. Coming up, the quartet did heavy lifting through covering a broad array of modern pop— everything from Prince to Tom Petty to 3 Doors Down to Pearl Jam—electrifying club goers with top-notch versions of their favorite tunes while slowly integrating original music. This savvy approach helped Strange Daze win over a devoted and diverse fan base, and it also boldly tested Strange Daze's songwriting prowess by placing the band's originals side-by-side with pop classics.

It's been a trial-by-fire that's yielded impressive results. Strange Daze sold out of its first two CDs, exceeding 10,000 in sales with no label support or formal distribution outlet.  This show of support afforded the band the opportunity to concentrate on its own powerful and well-crafted songs. The band is now enjoying accolades and acclaim based on its distinct musicality. The quartet reached #9 on CMJ's Top 200, beating out superstar artists like No Doubt and OutKast. Additionally, Strange Daze has charted on 30-plus stations. The band has been played on more than 250 stations in nationwide.

Strange Daze is Eric Moudry (guitars/vocals/primary songwriter), Scott Knudson (vocals/co-lyricist), Chad Armstrong (bass/vocals), and Mike Berg (drums).  The band's fateful career moment came when engineer/producer Brian Johnson—who helmed the sessions for the band's first two albums—passed along a CD to 38 Special keyboardist Bobby Capps. Impressed, Capps shared it with 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson, his partner in Nashville, TN-based Rivergate Studios. Capps immediately signed on to produce Strange Daze with Henderson's and Johnson's help.

The resulting record, Shine Through, is a powerful blend of soaring modern rock radio hooks with moving life story sincerity. "We want to touch people and connect with them," Moudry says. "Our songs are about real life—our ups and downs—we lay it all out there to share with our fans."

The standout "Beautiful" mixes sweet introspection with a transcendently uplifting chorus. Its message of unconditional love has made it a popular wedding song. Here, with vulnerable authority, vocalist Scott Knudson sings goose bump-inducing lines like: You make every day worthwhile/You're the air that keeps me breathing/ And I will stand by you...forever/Cuz' you're my everything.

The brawny "Satellite Soul" combines burly blues-rock riffs with lush, oceanic textures, building up colossal dynamics until climaxing into guitar solo bliss. "That song is about following your dreams, reaching for the sky," Moudry reveals.  The breathtaking ballad "Home" exudes a centered poise with stately strings and glistening clean guitars. "Scott and I wrote that about finding peace within yourself after going through intense depression," Moudry explains.

The album has a crisp and punchy production aesthetic, highlighting the group's expansive dynamic range. "The biggest thing I loved about the producers is that they gave their opinion, but they never forced their hand on who we are. They just made our music come alive," Moudry says. Kirk Kelsey, best known for co-producing/engineering landmark albums for Creed and 3 Doors Down, stokes the album's burning potency with his richly dimensional mix engineering. 

"It's been surreal," Moudry says, surveying the band's history. "We started out as a couple of high school buddies who grew up in a town of 2,600 people. I never dreamed we'd be in this position. We're so thankful to get a chance to spread our wings."

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